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The S-M10's design offers a smooth, attractive, aerodynamic profile which is streamlined and free of any external channels and features that might act as a load point in an impact or compromise the overall integrity of the helmet's constructionSurface curvature promotes reduced friction on impact, allowing deflection and transfer of energy to protect the rider's head from direct force to the skull and referred to the neck and spinal columnThe S-M10 shell sizing solution ensures each helmet fit size has its own appropriate shell size to deliver the most anatomical solution for the wide variety of fit needs, thus ensuring riders have the correct fit to improve comfort, reduce overall weight, and improve effectiveness of the helmet in an impactChin bar's base area specifically sculpted to give a relief section and raised to clear the collarboneSoft EPS liner extends beyond the helmet shell itself and is covered by a flexible rubber compound providing a reduced chance of any sort of collarbone injuryA-Head Fitment System allows easy adjustment of the angle and height that the helmet sits on the headUltra-ventilated helmet with 28 individual intake and exhaust ports, not including the eye port, with 18 intakes and 10 exhaustsEject technology includes the eject helmet removal systemRotational acceleration and oblique impact performanceRemovable side pads, made from a semi-soft polymer for added protection, provide contact area to help spread impact energyEmergency Release System (ERS) Emergency Visor Release and Visor Extension provides protection

2024 Alpinestar m10 Supertech Helmets


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